Galaxy Updates and Dev/Ops

Thanks to puppet and supervisord, the CPT Galaxy environments were easily split into production and development servers, to ensure updates and new software is tested before going live for all CPT […]

The BlastN database has been added to galaxy to enable researchers to do BlastN and Megablast queries more easily. This should help users wishing to assemble genomes to align the […]

FTP Uploads to Galaxy

Uploading files larger than 2Gb to Galaxy is impossible via the web interface. As a result, we have to use FileZilla to upload them. Connecting to Galaxy Once you’ve started […]

Analysis with PAUSE

How to Analyze Your Data with PAUSE Once you’ve run your analysis in PAUSE, you may be wondering how to interpret the plots you receive. This short guide should assist […]

The CPT server was recently (2014-08-01) rebuilt from the ground up. Thanks to Puppet this was a very easy process as all of the server configuration was stored and could […]

Sometimes you find yourself wishing to do large scale analysis of caudovirales, or a specific suptype of them. I have added a data library in galaxy, containing all 1200 odd […]

tl;dr, I can get updates to your tools to you all more quickly. Despite configuration files to the contrary, and significant amounts of documentation suggesting that LocalRunners are OK to […]