Galaxy Tool Issue Notice: NCBI EUtils, TMHMM, Blast XML to GFF3

Howdy All,

We’ve discovered and taken action regarding some issues in the CPT’s Galaxy tool suite.

  • NCBI EUtils suite is currently disabled until we can get the upstream set of tools working. NCBI made some changes on their end, and the library we use to talk to NCBI has not updated to adjust to these changes. We need to completely re-write these tools in order to address this issue. As a result, we have disabled them to prevent any confusion
  • TMHMM to GFF3 was dropping the last protein from the analysis. This is now patched. We will re-run the workflow for all BICH464 2017 genomes automatically. Everyone else may wish to re-run the workflow themselves.
  • Blast XML to GFF3 was not rendering correctly. We believe we’ve corrected this now.