Resolved: Maintenance: Galaxy + Apollo (2017-02-04)

Update (2017-02-04 16:03)

We’ve completed all of the upgrades, as planned, ahead of schedule.

  • The Galaxy Database, the Apollo Databases, and Apollo were all migrated to a safer location
  • Apollo authentication has had been improved, usernames and password are no longer necessary for access. You will need to be logged in to Galaxy in order to access Apollo.
  • Galaxy was updated to the latest version, 17.01

Important Changes

Some important changes were made to Apollo which users must be aware of.

  • The mRNA panel is now completely gone. If you find that annotations are “missing”, please contact us. and we can help with the migration to the new UI. (No data is lost, it is just no longer visible)
  • We are currently experiencing an issue with CDS detection, due to how we annotate Shine Dalgarno sequences (and the fact that no other organisations do). We hope to be able to patch this soon. You can see the problem in the below image, note that -00003 has a blue box around the SD sequence on the right (incorrect), while -00002 does not (correct)

    If you see that your gene has been created incorrect, right-click the first base of the gene and “Set Translation Start

If you experience any lasting issues, please contact us.

Original Post

Howdy all,

We’re planning to do some Galaxy and Apollo maintenance this weekend. Please expect these services to be down.

Affected services

  • Galaxy (TAMU/Internal) (
  • Galaxy (Public) (
  • Apollo
  • Jobs will not be affected and will continue to run


We are making updates to the Apollo service that is deployed.

  • We will remove the requirement to have a password in order to access Apollo
  • Instead, you will login to Galaxy and be able to access Apollo, transparently

We are migrating the Galaxy database to another host and some slightly more powerful and resilient infrastructure and off of our front end server.

We will additionally attempt to upgrade the Galaxy service to the latest version (16.10)

Maintenance Window

Event UTC Local Time
Window Starts 2017-02-04 16.00 Z 2017-02-04 10.00 J
Window Ends 2017-02-05 23.00 Z 2017-02-05 17.00 J