The Center for Phage Technology  is soliciting applications for a postdoctoral position in bacteriophage genomics and bioinformatics.  The successful candidate will participate in an NSF-supported basic research program in phage biology that focuses on the development of bioinformatic tools for use by the phage research community and the implementation of these tools in a major effort to develop a comprehensive phage genome annotation pipeline.  These tools include a Galaxy-based suite of programs maintained by the CPT’s software development staff, and integration of phage genomics with the Gene Ontology (GO) system.  Additional opportunities will include classic phage biology, in terms of isolating and characterizing novel phages for important bacterial hosts and supporting an upper-level undergraduate/graduate course in phage genomics.  Although direct experience in phage biology is desirable, the central requirement is proficiency in prokaryotic microbiology. The ability to write software is a plus but is not required.

Interested applicants may apply by uploading a Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to the Texas A&M employment portal  (https://greatjobs.tamu.edu/, search for posting NOV number 09725).

Please contact Jason Gill (jason.gill@tamu.edu) or Ry Young (ryland@tamu.edu) for further details.