491 Research Projects Available in CPT Laboratories

The CPT is looking for motivated undergraduates to work on cutting-edge projects in basic and applied phage biology. Depending on the project, qualified students will learn a range of techniques, including phage isolation and characterization, molecular and genetic methods for engineering phages and phage genes, and bioinformatic approaches to phage genomes and proteomes. A list of the projects and the CPT researchers who will be supervising in each case is provided below. Please contact the CPT people directly by the email provided. If available, a summary of your coursework and academic record, plus any experience you might already have had, would be a useful attachment to the inquiry email.

In your email, please let us know which semester(s) you would like to do 491 research.

CPT undergraduate research symposium

BICH 491 Students presenting their work at the annual lab “Phage Phorum”.